Formation of financial risks of futures companies

  The operation of futures markets is carried out by futures companies as intermediaries.

  Futures companies may face various risks in the course of operation due to changes in external conditions or internal causes.

  In addition, the futures industry itself is a high-risk industry, so futures companies are more likely to encounter risks.

  Within futures companies, the biggest risks come from the financial department, which is often the result of the interaction of multiple factors.

  As for the business department of the taxable futures company, it has never been an independent legal person, nor is it independent in financial accounting. Most of the business department of the futures company pays business tax and income tax at the headquarters.

  However, according to the principle of local tax, business tax should be paid in the place where the business department is located, and income tax should be paid in the place where the headquarters is located, which shall be approved by the tax department before implementation.

  In fact, most businesses now pay taxes at headquarters.

  In practice, under the pressure of market competition of some futures companies, in order to win customers, relevant personnel of the financial department did not carefully check the source of funds and check the authenticity of the name when customers deposit futures margin in accordance with the regulations, as long as the money to obtain, there is also lax security when customers withdraw deposits phenomenon.

  The management risk of the company headquarters is mainly reflected in the establishment of the system, while the management risk of the branch company is mainly reflected in the implementation of the system.

  For each branch of a futures company, disorder and autonomy are the main disadvantages of its management.